Camisoles & Slips

Our range of camisoles and slips includes Essence, EGi, Base Layers, Arianne and shapewear from Hush Hush. The products below are a small selection of the items we offer. Many items come in more than one colour. Please contact us if you would like more information or if the style you want is not shown.

Essence navy cami.jpg
EGi black cotton lace cami.jpg
Hush Hush Nude Ladder Control Cami.jpg
Essence nude slip.jpg
EGi white cotton cami.jpg
Hush Hush Black Multi Way Cami.jpg
Essence black singlet slip.jpg
EGi 1305 White.jpeg
Arianne blue top.jpg
Essence nude mini half slip.jpg
EGi 1122 Nude.jpg
Baselayers black tricot full slip.jpg